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Because we love bare hills and stunted trees

And were the last to choose the settled ground, ...

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I'm a private person. This journal is locked up, or relatively so.

My name — on the internet, anyway — is Quil. I've been called Quil since 2004. It doesn't mean anything, and it isn't short for anything. I was, however, later gratified to learn of the longer word "inquiline":
an animal ... that lives habitually in the nest or abode (as a human dwelling) of some other species. (Merriam-Webster.)
Which is an accurate description of the way I feel most of the time. That's a good enough start, really.

* * *

I'm male and trans. I'm an animal person. I have a lot of really excellent friends. I practice magic. My hair is kind of funny-looking.

I think that science and mythology are equally valuable, but in quite different ways. I don't think that myth should be (mis)taken for science, or the other way round. I'm interested in ordinary and non-ordinary reality.

I have/had/am keeping a website that I might update again some day:

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"i-thou" relationships, "that's numberwang!", a permanent insomnia cure, absurdism, ancient egypt, animal behavior, animal people, anthropology, bast, big cats, biology, celtic music, charles de lint, climbing, comic books, common sense, complicated political beliefs, conlangs, creepy old ballads, democratic socialism, diana wynne jones, electric folk, environmentalism, feline body language, feline gods, felinity, feminism, folk magic, folklore, going barefoot, kemetic reconstructionism, language, large quantities of tea, large-scale painting, learning, leopards, liminality and liminal archetypes, linguistics, literature, lucid dreaming, magic, magical theory, maple sugar candy, mathematical quilting, meinong's jungle, mythology, mythopoesis, nanowrimo, philosophy, etc., polytheism, pro-choice, queer rights, quite interesting, reading tarot nontraditionally, rock climbing, seasonal affective disorder, shapeshifters, shutting up when necessary, stargazing, surrealism, the word "thinky", theatre, theatre instead of theater, theatre of the absurd, theology, therianthropy, thinking for myself, trans, trans-friendly feminism, transgender, transsexuality, ubuntu, unschooling, urban fantasy, wicker men, wikipedia, writing
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