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Trans social story

This is going to be a public post. Amazing!

I guess I'll do some backstory, since if you're reading this you may not know a lot about who I am. Anyway, the two important things are:

- I'm transgender and I'm coming out. Kind of slowly. But kind of now. :P
- I have a brother with PDD-NOS, which is a form of autism. He's ten years old. He's not low-functioning, but definitely not on the normal-to-above-average intellect Asperger-y side of the spectrum.

You put it together and you get this. It's a social story pretty much, and targeted at a kid who's not superb at abstract thought. But for a neurotypical (not autistic) younger kid, maybe 6 years old and over, it could be good too.

It is not all that genderqueer-inclusive, and it's very VERY simplistic. I'm sorry for that; I sure as hell don't like it either. But learning about genderqueer, and dysphoria and such -- all that requires a lot of theory of mind. My bro doesn't seem to have much theory of mind.

It is very loosely based on a brochure called Your Mum's Adventure (warning: PDF), written by some folks at a charity called GIRES. Sorry for stealing some of your wording, GIRES! I'll take it down if you're mad! :P

This isn't that interesting -- it's really sentimental, which is silly but comforting -- and I won't be spamming it all around or anything. But if you know a small[ish] kid who could do with this sort of story, here it is. And enjoy.

I want to tell you a story.

In our house, some things are going to be changing. I know you don't always like it when things change. But you can be a brave boy, and you can read this story to yourself. The story will help you understand why things are changing.

I will start by telling you something that you already know:

When you see a boy, you expect that he will grow up to be a man. And when you see a girl, you expect that she will grow up to be a woman.

Mothers are women, and fathers are men.

Aunts are women, and uncles are men.

Sisters are women, and brothers are men.

You already knew that, right? That was easy! Most of the time, it is pretty easy.

But sometimes it's a little different.

For ____, it's going to be different.

When ____ was born, everybody said, "This baby is a girl!" And they said, "This baby will be a woman when she's grown up!"

But when ____ started getting older, she wanted people to call her "he" instead of "she". She wanted to be a man when she grew up.

She wanted to have a low voice, like men do, and to shave, like men do.

She wanted to be a big brother to you, instead of a big sister.

Inside your brain, you have feelings and ideas, and there are things that you know inside. You feel sad sometimes, and happy sometimes, and sometimes excited. You know that your teacher is M_. _____, and that you love playing with ____. And you know that you are a boy.

While ____ was still growing inside Mom, the outside of her body was growing into a girl's body. By the time she was born, she looked like a girl on the outside.

But as she got older, she knew that she was really a boy, on the inside. And she knew that she wanted to be a man.

She has tried hard all her life to be a girl, but she can't change who she is inside. She feels sad when people think that she is a girl, and she likes it a lot better when people know that she is a boy.

So ____ would like you to start to call her 'him', and 'he', and you should start using a different name. ____'s new boy name will be ____. That might be hard to remember at first. But ____ (who used to be ____) will still love you.

Remember that, no matter what happens, ____ still loves you and always will. You will notice that he begins to look different, but he will still love you.

Although he won't look quite the same, he will still be the same person inside.

He will always love you.

And he needs you to love him too.

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AKI! I didn't know you were still on LJ!


I've been gone from TSR and most other internet-y places for a while, on account of illness, but it's really nice to hear from you :)

I have read [and written] way too many social stories. I actually kind of hate them now. :P

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Where did you think I was? *hugs*